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Project Info

Program: Academic, Offices, Gallery
Location: Houston, TX
Year: 2014

The expediency and pluralism which now characterizes our modes of cultural production makes it difficult to select a single, diplomatic object capable of crystallizing a specific moment in time. A building acts as a cultural levee, moving us from rapid production and consumption into spaces of lingering and introspection. Slow space allows us to generate discourse and make pointed claims about the status of our culture and multi-media production. 

A building with a plan, and no section puts objects on display and viewers in a pressure cooker. Circulation is gaseous. Visitors enter galleries at a corner and approach obstructions obliquely, to find themselves bouncing from one object to the next. The only recourse are the secondary and tertiary spaces entered through discreet slots, moving visitors from the center to the periphery; from spaces of intensity, to spaces of reflection, admiration, and analysis.

Studio Critic: Ron Witte