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[A]Pliant Poche

Project Info

Collaborators: Wenqi Chen
Program: Micro-housing Tower
Location: New York, NY
Year: 2016

Appliance has a double meaning. It is at once, a noun used to describe a device, machine, instrument, gadget, contraption, apparatus, utensil, implement,tool, mechanism, or contrivance, and a verb meaning the action or process of bringing something into operation. The building is both an archive of appliances (n.)-a space where domesticity is implied by a collection of household items in common space-and an architecture of appliance (v.)-a space that imagines domestic collectivity as an exponent of domestic and culinary itineraries which materialize as informal events and daily chores. The shared appliance (n.) is re-imagined as a clandestine relational agent constructing new urban subjectivity through constant/daily negotiation. In this sense, the building is a model used to study the surfaces that connect appliances to one another, and to us, and the encounters manifest by the resulting spatial and programmatic relationships.

Studio Critic: Troy Schaum